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Prospective first-year student?

You can respond to the offer via This can be done from May onwards but is best to do so from 15 July 2022 onwards. From that date we will publish a large number of rooms. In the advertisement you will find information about the room, such as the rent, pictures and a floor plan. Have you spotted a room? Then click on 'respond' at the bottom of the page. You can respond to a maximum of 5 rooms at the same time.


We cannot accommodate everyone immediately at the beginning of the academic year. We have therefore provided some tips to help you find a room.

How to find a room

Proposed rent adjustment

In the near future, you as a tenant will receive several messages from us about the upcoming rent increase, the advance service chargez and the temporary allowance for block connections (TTB) 2023. The base rent will increase by 2.6% as of July 1, 2023.

The rent increase is necessary to provide sufficient and good quality housing in the future. It is partially due to this rent increase that we can afford our own increasing costs for, for instance, maintenance, operating expenses and new construction. 

Read more about rent adjustments, service charges and TTB and the most frequently asked questions.