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Did you miss the Open Day WUR November 14?

During the open day of the WUR on November 14, Idealis was present to answer questions about student housing. Missed it? Then look back at the online session.

Why living at a housing corporation?

Of course, there are different ways to get a room. And through different providers. But why is it so pleasant to rent from a housing corporation?
Students from the de Mouterij complex will take you to their student residence and tell you why living in rooms is so much fun and why they like to rent from Idealis.

Measures Idealis to prevent the spread of Corona

Many of our tenants are now forced to spend a lot of time in their rooms. To make this as comfortable as possible, we are happy to help you where we can. You can simply reach us and the maintenance will be carried out as much as possible. Of course, we also had to take a number of measures and we collected the most frequently asked questions. Most important in these times is that you follow the guidelines of the RIVM. That you take good care of yourself and that you help each other where possible. And can we do anything else for you? Let us know!


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