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Collaboration partners

We engage in ongoing discussions with our collaboration partners at all levels and aim to keep these relationships open and transparent. In Wageningen we work together with the WUR, the Municipality of Wageningen and housing provider de Woningstichting. In Ede the CHE, the municipal authority and housing association Woonstede are our partners. We work together with these organisations to carry out our task in the field of public housing. In addition, within the organisation DeelGoed, we are working ever more closely with a number of fellow housing associations in the local area. We also take part in regular meetings with other student housing providers with the aim of sharing knowledge, for example.

Nationally, we participate in discussions within Kences, the sector organisation for student housing providers. At a local level we work both for and with our tenants, which means a strong partnership with Stichting Flat Overleg (SFO), our tenants’ organisation, is extremely important. This ensures we are fully informed about any developments and can respond quickly if we need to.

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