Frequently asked questions about measures concerning Corona

My travel to Wageningen is cancelled due to the directions given by WUR in relation to spreading of the Corona virus. I want to cancel my contract
Your ‘My Idealis account’  is the place where you have to give notice for your room. When you log in, on the right side of the page you can see the button ‘Termination tenancy agreement’ in the green box.  The end date of the contract should be at least 1 month from now and cannot be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or national holiday.  If you have terminated successfully you will receive an automatic confirmation via e-mail.

I  successfully terminated my contract. But maybe I’m not allowed to go back home and have to remain in the Netherlands.  Please can you dismiss the termination of the contract?
Please send an email to contactidealisnl explaining your personal situation. We have to check the possibilities an will get back in touch with you.

Can you please shorten the notice period of 1 month?
The normal notice period of 1 month will apply as we have to avoid vacant rooms.

I have difficulties paying my rent. What can I do?
Is it difficult for you to pay the rent right now because of the corona crisis? Please contact us via e-mail (financienidealisnl). Would you like to explain your story in person? Indicate this in your e-mail. We will then contact you by phone. Please be aware that we would like to think along with you in order to come to a solution together. You can also find more information about this subject on the website of the Woonbond or he LSVB. The Government indicates that affected tenants should actively look for opportunities that the measures taken to support them in their financial situation. You can consult the Government's website for this purpose.

Can I just move out?
Yes, you can. Again, stick to RIVM guidelines. So try to organize the relocation with as few people as possible.

I am suppose to arrive in the Netherlands. However given the Corona virus pandemic I am thinking to postpone my trip. I already signed a tenancy agreement contract, what can I do? 
It can be a possibility to sublet your room. You can only sublet your room for a total of 6 months per academic year. On our website you can find the subrenting contract and more information.  If you don’t wish to sublet your room, you have to terminate your rental contract.

I paid for the room  but  have not lived in the room at all.  Please can you exempt me from rental costs?
You pay rent up to and including the last day of your rental contract. Have you already paid the full rent? Then we will refund the remaining amount to your account. No exceptions will be made.

I work from home, but my internet is slow
Because many people now work from home, it can indeed happen that the internet is slower. Ziggo does everything in its power to ensure that everyone can continue to use a fast internet connection.

I want to give a party at my corridor
It's not a good idea to do this right now. Limit your social contacts as much as possible.

We all use the washing machine / dryer and other used equipment together.  Shouldn’t we take other things into account?
Make agreements with your roommates / corridor about keeping these devices clean. You can read more tips here.

How does it work if a new tenant wants to see my room?
When making the appointment, indicate immediately that this is possible as long as this person has no complaints and complies with the guidelines of the RIVM. Also indicate that they should come alone and not take anyone with them. You can also arrange the viewing via video. Or take photos if necessary. Arrange it in such a way that feels comfortable for you. 

I live in a non-student's room. How's the pre-departure check going?
For the time being, we don't do pre-checks anymore. If you're not sure how to leave the room, contact the housing manager.

What about maintenance during this period?
By following classes online, many students are in their room. Therefore, we will not perform the planned maintenance that causes nuisance until the end of June. It may be that a few maintenance work will continue, but we only do this if we can make good appointments with the tenants and can limit the nuisance to a minimum.

I've given notice of my room but I'm abroad and I can't empty it myself. Now what?
Try to arrange this as much as possible through friends or acquaintances. If this doesn't succeed, you can ask moving company Bongers to help you. Please contact your housing manager. He can give you more information about this.

I'm worried if it comes to a full lock down. What is Idealis' policy then?
Luckily, there's no lockdown yet. If it does, we will look for solutions to help our tenants in the best possible way.


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