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Idealis measures to prevent the spread of Corona

Idealis has taken a number of measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.  Below you will find the most up-to-date information.


In the Netherlands, the following general rules apply:

  • In principle, you are expected to keep a distance of 1.5 meters to others, both inside and outside. 
  • A student corridor with shared facilities is seen as a household (equivalent to a family). So in a corridor and with corridor outings you don't have to keep the 1.5 among each other. However, if one fellow corridor member is seriously ill, the entire corridor must also be put in quarantine.
  • Contrary to many other countries, in the Netherlands there is no mouth mask duty (except in public transport), and even no mouth mask advice. By the way, it is not a problem if you do want to wear a mouth mask.

More guidelines can be found on the websites of the RIVM and the central government.


You can visit our Frontoffice for collecting keys
For other questions, please send us an e-mail. Customer contact can be reached via contactidealisnl. You can reach the housing manager via the e-mail address of your building. During our opening hours we can also be reached by telephone.

You can hand in your key in the mailbox at Bornsesteeg
Did you give notice? Then put the key in the special mailbox in the hall of Bornsesteeg 1. It is located to the right of the entrance to the Frontoffice. 


What's expected of you?
Make sure you know the guidelines of the RIVM and the central government and comply with them. Above all, ensure good hygiene and discuss with your fellow tenants how you deal with these agreements.

We continue to carry out planned maintenance
This is done in consultation with the tenant representative. We try to avoid any inconvenience as much as possible, especially because many students are still studying at home.

Our contractors all work as much as possible according to the ‘Let’s Keep Working safely’ protocol
Do you have any symptoms or complaints of your own and don't you think it's justifiable for us to come to your room? Then let your housing manager know. 

Do you have serious complaints and/or have you been tested positive for Corona, and is the whole corridor therefore in quarantine? Let your housing manager know as soon as possible and we look together to find a suitable and safe solution. 

Make appointments when a new tenant wants to view your room
When making the appointment, indicate that this is possible as long as this person has no complaints and complies with RIVM guidelines. You can also arrange the viewing via video. Or take photos if necessary. Arrange it in such a way that you feel comfortable with it. 

The common meeting rooms are closed / pubs can re-open under certain conditions
The following common areas are closed until further notice: Number 3 (Bornsesteeg), C'mon (Asserpark), Canal 1 (Nieuwe Kanaal) and Droevendaal. The pubs at Asserpark, Dijkgraaf and Hoevestein can be re-opened under certain conditions. The pub boards decide for themselves whether they will do this and will inform the tenants about this.

The cargo bike can no longer be rented
We want to reduce the number of people and contact moments at the front office as much as possible. This means that at this moment the front office is only open for collecting room keys.


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