Tips for using equipment

Washing machine
Bacteria love a warm and humid climate, and where can they find this better than in a washing machine? Here, they can thrive optimally.
Running a wash at a minimum of 60 degrees is still the ultimate way to prevent transfer and kill bacteria. In these times, do not choose a short program with a low temperature, but ensure (if possible) that a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is used. Let the washing machine run at least one wash at 90 degrees every day! (if there is no laundry available for this temperature, let the machine run empty with a dash of vinegar).

Preferably put everything from the washing machine straight into the dryer. These days we stimulate people to use the dryer, as these temperatures ensure that bacteria have almost no chance to thrive.  If the clothes aren’t suitable to put in the dryer, then make sure these clothes don’t get into contact with other dirty clothing and hang them directly into a room where they can dry. Ironing (heat process) also prevents the bacteria from multiplying. Clean the door filters of the dryer thoroughly after each drying cycle.

If you use laundry baskets or laundry bags on location, make sure that clean laundry does not get into baskets / bags that have contained dirty laundry. Use separate baskets for clean laundry.  We advise you to clean the baskets daily and wash and dry the laundry bags too.

Other equipment
Disinfect all handles of the kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, control panels, wash-, dry- and dishwashing-appliances daily and do not forget the other kitchen appliances such as coffeemakers and kettles that are used. This advice is especially for objects which are used by multiple users.


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