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What should I do if my arrive in the Netherlands and my contract has not started yet
If this is the case, we would strongly recommend that you find alternative temporary accommodation until your contract starts. If you already have friends in the Netherlands you can ask them if you can stay overnight. There are also several shortstays and hotels in Wageningen like:

How to find out if you have a new tenant/ housemate
Due to privacy laws we cannot share information of our residents. We recommend that students make mutual agreements about the quarantine time. We appeal to your sense of responsibility and encourage a creative approach. Introduce yourselves to each other and leave a note on your door. Seek assistance of the corridor representative, contact each other by e-mail or telephone. Make use of online video and phone communication.

What if one of my housemates needs to go into self-quarantine, - do I need to go into quarantine as well?
If one of your housemates is in self-quarantine, but does not have COVID-19 symptoms, it is important that you always stick to the 1,5 meter rule and take good care of your personal health, but you don’t need to go into quarantine with him/her.

If I need to stay in self-quarantine, how can I get groceries?
Several supermarkets do home delivery, such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. You can also ask housemates who do not need to stay in quarantine or anyone else you know to do your groceries. The University also provides buddy’s to help you out.

I need to go into quarantine, but I need to arrange several practical matters and travel to my accommodation, how do I do this?
After arrival in the Netherlands, you are allowed to travel to your accommodation. If you decide to make use of public transport or taxis, you must wear a face mask covering at all times. After arrival at your accommodation, we ask you to stay inside for the full duration of the 10-day quarantine period. You should also have been in contact with the student service center who can introduce you with a buddy to help you out with your groceries and who can arrange services for you like insurance and a bank account.

What are the rules when you have to be in self-quarantine?
Upon arrival in the Netherlands you may travel to your accommodation, please follow the rules with regard to public transport in the Netherlands.

  • You may pick up your key for your accommodation, please wear a mask if you pick up the key or stand in line.
  • You have to stay in your accommodation for 10 days
  • Don’t leave your accommodation. Do not receive visitors.
  • Only members of your household may be at home with you. Make sure you have as little contact as possible with members of your household and keep 1,5 meters apart wherever possible. 
  • Ask other people to do grocery shopping for you. If this isn’t possible, you may briefly go out to do grocery shopping. But only if you do not have any symptoms.
  • If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 you need to get tested. You can get tested at the municipal health service (GGD).

Where can I get further information regarding travel to the Netherlands?
For further information, please go to, which includes the latest information about travelling from high-risk regions.




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