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Bart van As reappointed as director-manager

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Bart van As has been reappointed for the next four years in his position as director-manager of Idealis. 

Idealis recently presented its new Business Plan "Different quality for a different future. Bart van As: "I am pleased to have gained the confidence to work on the details of our new Business Plan in the coming years, together with colleagues and stakeholders."

Idealis' focus is on improving the quality of the current property and making it more sustainable. In 2024, Asserpark will be the first complex to be renovated. After that, it will be Hoevestein's turn. 
"For Idealis, it is especially important that we keep ut with the time. Students and education are changing and a new generation of young people is already arriving. We must ensure that our organization, and certainly our Real Estate, is ready for this different future," Van As said.

Sander Datema, chairman of the Idealis Supervisory Board: "We are very pleased that Bart will continue to lead Idealis in the coming years. We have seen him grow in recent years and with him the organization. Bart is a committed and professional director and has good contacts with our stakeholders. I am therefore convinced that the challenges that lie ahead for Idealis will be taken up enthusiastically by Bart and the organization."