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Bart v As new director Idealis

Publication date: 27-06-2019

Idealis’ new director as of July 1st 2019 will be Bart van As. After the departure of Sylvie Deenen, Bart has had a taste of what the position is like as the acting director and will now definitively assume the mantle.

Hannie Kunst, chair of the Council of Commissaries (RvC) for Idealis, has stated that the RvC is happy with their choice in nominee. “We have broadly oriented ourselves with finding a successor for Sylvie Deenen and have found that successor in Bart van As.” In the past years as manager Living/Real Estate, Bart has made many contributions towards Idealis’ course and quality, and has the full trust of the RvC that he’ll continue his dynamic trend with the housing mission of Idealis. In addition to maintaining our standard of quality housing for affordable prices in Wageningen and Ede, we devote ourselves to the expansion of available living quarters for students, with a sharp eye on sustainability.

Bart is more than eager to face the challenge. “I’m happy that I can use my experience with Idealis and the great contacts I’ve made - with our tenants, the partners in Wageningen and Ede and all the other invested parties – for the future challenges of Idealis. Wageningen is a city of students and if we can ensure that these students can continue to live comfortably and affordably then our mission has succeeded.”



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