The great Idealis revamp challenge

Publicatiedatum: 15-05-2020

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better time for you and your housemates to lavish some attention on your unit! Could your kitchen or living room do with a lick of paint? Or is it about time your bathroom had a good clean? If so, we have the solution.

Idealis is giving away a free decorating and/or cleaning kit* so that you can get started right away! And there’s even more good news! Any unit rolling up its collective sleeves stands to win one of these great prizes:

  • First prize: a brand-new, top-of-the-range vacuum cleaner for the unit with the best end result.
  • A gift voucher to the value of €150 for the unit with the biggest visible ‘before and after’ difference.
  • A mop set for the unit that puts the most appealing, most original or best ‘spin’ on the challenge.

Keen to get started? Sign up by sending an email to the address for your unit (streetnameidealisnl). No doubt you’ll know this address already, but if you don’t, you can find it on our website as well.

Tell us your name and address and let us know what you would like to work on. Don’t forget to send a photo of the kitchen or bathroom to be cleaned or the wall to be whitewashed. We’ll need photos if you want to be considered for a prize! If you don't want us to share your pictures on social media, please state this clearly.

Another important point to mention is that if you’re using paint, you should apply it to walls of kitchen/living room only. Do not paint any doors or window frames and please do not paint the walls in the hall/corridor. Please think about disposing your waste in the designated area after the refurbishment work is finished.

Once we have received your entry, your housing manager will deliver a free decorating and/or cleaning kit to you. You’ll then have everything you need.

You can sign up from 7 May 2020 onwards. The challenge ends on 1 June 2020. Prizewinners will be announced shortly after the end date.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Have fun, and good luck!

* The contents of the cleaning and decorating kits are listed below:

Contents of cleaning kit:
3 microfibre cloths
3 cleaning cloths
10 scourers
1 litre of all-purpose cleaner
1 bottle of washing-up liquid
1 litre of white cleaning vinegar
1 bottle of degreaser
1 bottle of descaler
1 bottle of scouring cream
1 can of oven cleaner
1 roll of bin bags1 bottle of mould remover
1 bucket
1 bottle of Toilet Duck
1 pack of toilet blocks with holder

Contents of painting kit:
1L Progold turp
5L Sigma DGL wall paint Ral 9010
2.5L Kitchen & Bath anti-fungal wall paint white
1 Plastic sheeting
1 Disposable brush 10
1 Disposable brush 14
1 Disposable brush 18
1 microfibre roller with 10 cm roller frame
1 microfibre roller with 18 cm roller frame
1 roll of 25 mm masking tape
1 roll of paper cloths
2 paint buckets with grid (plastic)

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