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Dijkgraaf: collection of used frying fat

Publication date: 06-07-2021

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On Friday 9 July we will start with a pilot at the Dijkgraaf location for the collection of used frying fat and vegetable oils. Tenants can contribute to this and in return they will receive a nice compensation!

Frying fat and vegetable oils are valuable as a sustainable raw material for biofuels. For this reason, Idealis will partner up with Green Oil Recycling. For each filled waste bin we will receive a fee. At the end of the calendar year, tenants can choose where the proceeds will go. In addition, Green Oil Recycling will donate a percentage of every fee per filled waste bin - to a charity of choice.

How does it work?
Used frying fat from friends or family is also welcome in de Dijkgraaf waste bins: liquid frying oil / solid frying fat (wrapped) / cooking oil / other vegetable oils.

Handing in is easy. Pour the cooled frying fat back into the original packaging or into a (tightly sealed!) plastic bottle. After that, the frying fat can be placed in the appropriate waste bins at the waste collection point.

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