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Paying at counter by debit or credit card no longer possible from 1 April 2019

Publication date: 18-02-2019

From 1 April 2019 it will no longer be possible to pay your rent at the Idealis counter using your debit or credit card.

Do you still pay your rent in this way? If so, please ensure you set up a new payment method via your ‘My Idealis’ account before 1 April 2019. You can pay your rent in the following ways:

Direct debit

If you use direct debit, your rent is paid to Idealis automatically every month. You no longer need to worry about remembering to pay your rent, which is always paid on the first of the month. You do, however, need to make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. To pay by direct debit, you need a SEPA/IBAN bank account.


If you decide not to use direct debit, you can pay your rent to us every month via iDEAL. This payment is made through My Idealis.

Bank transfer

You can also pay your rent by bank transfer. Our bank account number is NL05BNGH028 5033018. Please always quote your address when making your payment. BIC code: BNGH NL 2G.

Do you have any questions about this email or about how to pay your rent? If so, please contact us at financienidealisnl.

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