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Students move into new building Churchillweg

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As of August 1, 127 students in the new building complex on Churchillweg could pick up the key to their new rooms. With the completion of the building, after years of preparation, residents are finally living there.

Completion of construction process

Last week, Van Wijnen handed over the building to Idealis. The development and construction was a challenging puzzle. For example, careful consideration was given to the students, most of whom have a strong international orientation, who will be moving in. That required variation in the complex,' says Evert Stumpel, project developer at Van Wijnen.  'With different meeting areas and a healthy mix of independent and non-independent student housing, this has been achieved. The small plot has ensured that every centimeter has been used optimally'.

The project had a long preliminary process and the road to the result was certainly not paved," adds Nico Stunnenberg, project developer at Idealis. Now that the building has been constructed, I look with pride at the reward for all the efforts made and the much-discussed location has been given a beautiful I am sure that the future students will enjoy living in this modern sustainable building.

Official opening

On Monday, August 2, the official opening ceremony took place. The mayor, Floor Vermeulen, together with Linda Cents (manager Housing / Real Estate Idealis), revealed a small exhibition about the building process.

Linda Cents: "We are happy that we can now finally welcome the students to this prominent place in Wageningen. They are going to live in a sustainable, high-quality complex and we are counting on them having a good time here. In the fall we will, if possible, celebrate the opening of the new student housing together with them".