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Publicatiedatum: 22-07-2019

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As of today you can download our tenants’ app ‘Idealis Buddy’. This app will contain relevant information about your complex and other information that is useful to know if you are renting from Idealis.


 It will become our main channel of communication with our tenants. In future, announcements of maintenance work, which you currently receive in your mailbox in the form of a Digipost, will also be communicated via push notifications from the app.

Why an app?

We have noticed that many tenants have specific questions about living at their complex. They can find answers to these questions directly via the app. These may relate to topics such as waste, but also to the instruction manual for the cooker hood, for example. The app is purely for information and there is no need to log in. Requests for repairs are submitted in the usual way via our website.

Choose your own complex

Choose at the startup your own complex. Next time, the app will immediatelyopen on this page. Are you moving to another Idealis complex? Click on 'notification settings' when starting up and choose your the complex.

Keep up to date

Do you want to be kept up to date when maintenance work is being carried out and when workers may need access to your room? Via the app you will receive a push notification (if accepted) when this is the case; you can then read specific information about the situation in question in the app. The app also makes it easy for us to send a reminder 1 day before the work is due to start. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Does the app mean the end of the Digipost? Yes, but not straight away. As an existing tenant you will continue to receive a Digipost in the event of maintenance work until 1 January 2020. The Digipost will explain what will be happening in a single paragraph. We will then provide a link to the app for more information. In December we will be evaluating together with tenants and the SFO how things are going and whether we will stop sending Digiposts altogether. New tenants will no longer receive Digiposts and will only be able to receive the information via the app.

Web version

Are you unable to download the app? In that case you can also view the web version at http://buddy.idealis.nl. Please bear in mind that in this case you will not receive any push notifications.

Does that mean no more e-mails from Idealis?

No, there will always be some topics that we will communicate about by e-mail. These may include the statement of service costs or an announcement of an increase in the rent, for example.


Do you have any questions? If so, send an e-mail to communicatieidealisnl.


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