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Wageningen wins Best Student Room City award

Publication date: 30-03-2022

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Wageningen has been proclaimed by the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) as the best city for student housing. The eleven biggest student cities of the Netherlands were awarded points across four categories; the functioning of the particular sector, the corporate sector, information services of the municipality and the presence of a leasing team. Wageningen stood out this year, mostly due to the ‘housing guarantee’ that all first-year students can find a place to live before May 1st.

Balance supply and demand

Wageningen has a good balance between supply and demand when it comes to student housing. All students can in their first year of studies find a room at Idealis before May 1st. This helps ensure that students and parents don’t look for alternatives in the city and other housing remains available for other target demographics. In addition, the rooms of Idealis are very affordable; Wageningen has the most affordable rooms in the Netherlands. Having by far the largest market share of 60%, we are enormously proud of this rating.

New construction

Together with the municipality we’ve worked hard to attain more balance in the supply and demand. “By building specifically for students we also ensure that students don’t look for other alternatives on the Wageningse housing market. In so doing we also prevent the impact of having a relatively lot of people per square metre from being as small as possible. The municipality has provided good locations for us to realise this” says Bart van As, Director of Idealis. “Having enough rooms contributes to the appeal of Wageningen as a student city. We also feel it’s important that students have a great time during their studies, and being able to live pleasantly and affordably contributes an important part to this.”


“Due to the relative small size of Wageningen and the University, Wageningen is a city where it’s easy for one to make connections. Dutch and international students live together, distances between one another is small and there are many student associations. Together with the WUR and municipality we also keep an eye on the wellbeing of the students. We are proud that, as the biggest student housing company in Wageningen, we work hard on this every day and have been able to contribute to Wageningen being the best city for student housing,” says Bart van As.

The complete jury report of the LSVb can be found on their website.



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