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Our mission

We are Idealis, the student accommodation provider in Wageningen and Ede. With over 5,600 rooms and apartments, we offer students and PhD students the largest, most varied and affordable offer in our region.

It all starts with a nice room

A successful study or PhD period starts with a nice room. A nice place where you can live pleasantly, safely, affordably and carefree. That place is different for everyone. That's why we have rooms in all shapes and sizes. Large or small, for a limited budget and complete with either private shared facilities. A large choice is available. But which room is best is entirely up to students and PhD students to decide. They choose the place that is right for them - a place where they often experience the best time of their lives.

Our mission

We offer students and PhD students the space to live pleasantly and affordably in Wageningen or Ede.


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