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How do I find my room in Wageningen or Ede?

Your search for a room from Idealis in Wageningen or Ede starts on There you register yourself and respond to the rooms that appeal to you.  Below you can see exactly how the search for a room works.. 

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    You have to register at

    You must register at, to start building up your waiting time. Are you 16 years old? Then you can already register. is a national platform that publishes student housing on offer from professional providers including Idealis, to whom you can apply for rooms. Check out the ROOM rules on their website. 

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    Apply for rooms on offer

    You can respond to the housing offers at After logging in, you will see the room offers for which you can apply. These are the rooms in the region where you are studying or doing an internship. Simple and clear. 

    You can respond to the offers four months in advance of when you start your studies. You can have up to 5 open responses and 1 room offer at a time.

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    You get an offer if you are first on the waiting list

    If, after the advertisement closes, you are the first person on the waiting list for a room, you will receive an offer by email.

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    You can visit the room

    Would you first like to see the room before you accept it? The name of the person you should contact to see the room will be mentioned in the email sent to you when you get an offer. Naturally, viewing your room is only possible if the current tenant agrees to this.

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    Accept your room

    Log in at and accept your room offer. If you are not interested in the room, you should then refuse it.

    If you accepted, you will receive an email with an activation link to create an account at You need this account to upload documents and sign your rental agreement.

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    Upload documents at

    We ask you to upload two documents on My Idealis. Your Identity Card and proof of enrolment at an educational institution or your PROMIS registration (PhD Candidates Information System) if you are a PhD student.

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    Signing the tenancy agreement

    After we approved your documents, you can sign the tenancy agreement via My Idealis. You pay your first month's rent and sign the contract via sms-code. Once you have done so, you will receive an e-mail with additional information, such as where and when you can pick up the room keys.

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    You have found your new home. You may continue living there until one year after completing (or quitting) your studies, or your employment contract if you are a PhD student.


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