Tips for finding a room

Idealis cannot accommodate everyone immediately. We have therefore provided some tips to help you find a room. Do you have any further questions? Then check the frequently asked questions.

1.   Respond to the offer 

At you can find our daily offer. If you respond, you will immediately see the position you have at that moment for that specific room. This allows you to assess your chances of success.

For rooms that become available from 1 July to 15 September, first-year students living far away* have priority. If you do not have priority, there is a little chance that you will find a room over this period. To increase your chances, start responding early. This is possible from four months before you studies start. Please note that you pay rent from the effective start date on your contract. This date is always stated in the advertisement.   

as the crow flies, further than 130 km in a straight line of the Forum building on the Campus of Wageningen U&R.

2.   Let everyone know you are looking for a room 

Many room seekers are able to find housing through friends or acquaintances. Make it known in different ways that you are looking for a room. Place messages on Facebook and Twitter or hang a note on the bulletin board at your institution. 

3. Have a look on the Internet and Facebook

There are many different websites that offer student rooms. For example, or The municipality of Wageningen and the WUR have partnered with for hospita rentals. You can also check this website for available rooms.  Subletting is also a good way to find a room for a temporary period. 

4. Do not be overly critical

Everybody wants a big, cheap room. In practice you usually start living in a smaller room. Once you have found a place, it gets easier to move to another room. You will remain registered at and can continue to respond to offers.

5. Go to meetings where people choose a roommate

In some buildings the tenants choose their own co-tenants. The residents will invite you to their home to get acquainted with you. If there is a connection, you have a great chance of finding a place to live.

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