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Burgtstraat is situated in the heart of Wageningen, nearby the market, the outdoor cafes and the shops. It is a new yet characteristic complex that fits in nicely with the surrounding buildings.

The complex comprises 34 rooms, whereby you share facilities such as kitchen and sanitation, with your fellow tenants. The rooms vary from 15 to 16 square meters, each with its own washbasin. There are also two apartments in the complex: one 2-room and one 3-room apartment. These apartments are intended for two tenants. Parking your bike is not a problem. There is a bike shed present in the closed inner court – where the tenants can also sit together outdoors. Parking a car is more difficult because you have to pay to park your car in the center of Wageningen.

At the Burgtstraat complex new tenants are chosen by the tenants themselves. You should therefore keep an eye on the social media channels regularly and make use of your own network if you wish to live there.


  • City Wageningen


  • House type Complex with rooms with shared facilities

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