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Is this your first time in Wageningen? If so, you may have noticed the skyline – the four large buildings in the shape of a star. One of them is Asserpark, a student complex that houses 375 tenants. Asserpark is situated between the campus and the city center of Wageningen. If you don’t feel up to getting on your bike and going for a drink downtown, you can opt for Annie’s, a bar in the apartment building. There is also an area on the ground floor where you can play games with your friends or hold a meeting.

Wageningen University & Research is just 5-minutes away by bike – useful if you oversleep! You can stall your bike at a variety of bicycle sheds in and around the complex. That also applies to scooters, motorbikes or motorcycles. If you have a car, you can park it within walking distance.

At Asserpark you will share a corridor with seven or eight people, including the kitchen and sanitation facilities. The 12 or 14-square-meter rooms are affordable accommodations.


  • City Wageningen


  • House type Complex with rooms with shared facilities

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