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What does a room look like?

In our housing offers you will find rooms with or without furniture.  

Furnished rooms

We offer a limited number of furnished rooms. The furniture will include: a bed with mattress, a desk with chair, a ceiling light, a closet, flooring and curtains. Rooms with kitchens will not have any cooking utensils or devices such as hot plates. You are expected to arrange these for yourself. The rooms of HEYDAY are always equipped with furniture.

Unfurnished rooms

Most of our rooms are unfurnished. An unfurnished room is completely empty! It will have no ceiling light, bed or other furniture. In most cases there won’t even be any flooring or curtains. You will have to buy all the furniture yourself. 

Extra option

After you have signed the tenancy agreement digitally. You can buy a linen package for € 35 at the Idealis frontoffice. The linen package consists of bedding, pillows, duvet, fitted sheet, duvet cover and a pillowcase. 


Would you like to take a look at our largest complexes? Watch our videos on our Youtube channel.


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