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Do you live in a ‘hospiteer’ accommodation and is a room becoming available? Then we’ll gladly explain to you how to find a new housemate.

Direct nomination

When a ‘hospiteer’ room becomes available, all other remaining tenants receive an e-mail containing information on the room. This e-mail also clearly details the deadlines you’ll have to take into consideration.

  • When you have found a new housemate you can inform us via contactidealisnl. We require the following information on the new tenant: first name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address and ROOM registration number.
  • Your new housemate can only be eligible for the room if they belong to the target group.
  • Is the new tenant a first-year student? You can nominate this person up to 4 months before the start of their studies.
  • Your new housemate will receive a message through ROOM and can sign the lease agreement through My Idealis.
  • Idealis will conduct a last check themselves when approving the documents.

If everything is in order then the registration is concluded and you have your new housemate! As for the keys? You may hand those over yourselves. Should that not be possible then you can of course hand them in to the housing managers at Bornsesteeg 1. Please mind the deadlines.

Make sure the process is finished within the given timeframe

This is, of course, the responsibility of the new tenant, but a little help wouldn’t hurt. That’s why it would be great if you stayed in contact with one another while going through the digital process. Should the candidate fail to finalise the process on time, then we will publish the room online on This means that anyone looking for new accommodation can respond to the advertisement.

If you are unable to find a suitable candidate within 10 days then the room will automatically be published online through

In the case of extraordinary circumstances or an acute demand for housing, Idealis may also offer the accommodation on the website of ROOM or directly assign it.

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