Frequently asked questions first year students

ROOM (housing seekers)

Where can I respond to accommodation opportunities?

Your search for a room at Idealis in Wageningen or Ede starts at You should register there and respond to the room advertisements that interest you. All offers shown have been filtered based on your registration details.

What are the registration costs for

Registration at ROOM will cost you €35.

What is the average waiting time?

Your date of registration determines your waiting time. We strive for every new student, who is starting their studies in September, to have found accommodation by May 1st of their first academic year.

How does work?

You can respond to a maximum of 5 room advertisements at a time. The ranking order is determined by the date of registration. The longer you’ve been registered at, the higher your ranking. You can only receive an offer for 1 room at any given time. If you notice that your position in the ranking for a room is low, then withdraw your response to the advert and try responding to a new advertisement instead.

When can I register at

It is possible to register an account at ROOM from the age of sixteen onwards. This isn’t a completely redundant luxury, considering that the search for a room can be very difficult.

When can I start responding to room advertisements?

You may respond to room advertisements 4 months prior to the start of your studies.

Will my date of registration be reset when I accept a room offer?

No, you will retain your original date of registration which is valid for up to 8 years.

If I refuse a room offer, will I stay fully registered?

Yes, you will stay registered. However, your account will be blocked for 5 days if you choose to refuse a room offer after having accepted it.

Is there any arrangement for receiving priority?

Yes, it is possible to receive priority that is dependent upon distance for rooms that become available from the 1st of July until the 15th of September. You may receive a priority status if you are a first-year student who is starting their studies in August/September and are living more than 130 kilometers away – as the crow flies – from your academic institution. You can also get priority that is given for medical and psychological reasons.

Can I still move to new accommodations after settling in?

Yes, that is possible. With your account you can continue responding to other room advertisements even after having moved in to an Idealis room. Keep in mind that the minimum rental period is 1 month and that you have a 1 months’ notice. It is therefore possible to have some overlap in the renting periods.

What will happen to my registration time after moving to a new room?

If you move to a new student accommodation then you will still retain your original date of registration as long as you do not delete your account. You will thus not have to completely start over.

How does "hospiteren" (vote-in) work?

Read more about 'hospiteren'.

How to arrange subtenancy?

Subletting/subrenting is permitted. A room can be sublet for a maximum of 6 months per academic year. You should arrange subletting together with the main tenant of the room. The main tenant should submit a request for subletting in his/her Idealis account.


When does my rental lease go into effect?

Within the advertisement on you will find the starting date of the contract. You will also be able to find this back at any time throughout your online process in your Idealis account. After you have digitally signed your contract, the starting date of the contract will be noted on your rental agreement as well. From the start date onwards you can collect the keys of your room.

How long can I continue to stay at Idealis?

Idealis applies the legal notice period of at least 3 and a maximum of 6 months. Each academic year we check whether you are still registered as a full-time student at an educational institution. We call this the annual campus check. Please note: If you have a fixed term contract, then you can only stay in the room until the end date and this cannot be extended!

What should I do if something in my room is broken?

You can submit an online request for repair. You can do this in your My Idealis account.

Can I receive rent subsidy?

In the advertisement of a room you can find if the room is eligible for rent subsidy. But this is also dependent on a few conditions such as the cost of rent, your income, household composition and possibly other financial assets. Click here for more information about rent subsidy.

Is it possible to terminate my contract (prematurely)?

Yes, that is possible. You are always allowed to terminate your rental agreement, even before the final end date in your contract and before the end of your studies. Keep in mind that the minimum rental period is 1 month and that you have a 1 months’ notice.

What is the notice of termination?

You have a notice of termination of at least 1 month, even if you move to another Idealis room. Your last day of rent may not fall on a day of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) or on a national holiday.
Do you have a tenancy agreement for a certain period of time? If so, it will end automatically after the specified period. It is not possible to extend it.

What if I decide to quit my studies or take a short break from them?

In that case you will enter the ‘outflow’ policy. If you can prove that you will resume your studies before the 1st of July of the current academic year, then you may also resume your existing rental agreement and continue living with us.