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Do I have internet and television in my room?

Idealis has a contract with Ziggo. As a result, in most of our complexes you have a radio/TV and internet connection at a reduced rate. You pay a contribution towards the service costs. Idealis is not responsible for the quality/speed of the connection and/or malfunctions. For this you must contact Ziggo's Ittdesk. 

Internet and Wi-Fi

If you have just become a tenant, you need to take a number of steps to ensure you have access to the internet. The same applies to the Wi-Fi. In some complexes there is already a router for Wi-Fi, while in others you will need to take care of this yourself.

How to do this, you can read in the brochures (Dutch/ENG). 
Which brochure applies, depends on the complex you live live.

Internet and Wi-Fi brochure for the following complexes:

  • Asserpark.
  • Hoevestein.
  • Bornsesteeg.
  • Dijkgraaf.
  • Rijnveste.
  • Marijkeweg.
  • Haarweg.
  • Binnenveld.
  • Bellostraat (self-contained).
  • Javastraat.
  • Nudestraat.

Internet and Wi-Fi brochure for the following complexes:

  • Oude Eekmolenweg.
  • Bellostraat (shared facilities).
  • Nobelweg.
  • Lombardi.
  • Hoefweg.

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