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Where can I get the keys to my room?

Once you have digitally signed your tenancy agreement, you can collect the keys to your room during opening hours at the Front Office at Bornsesteeg 1. You can collect the keys from the starting date of your tenancy agreement onwards. We're assuming you'll come by on that particular day. Will you come on another day? Send an e-mail to the housing manager on which day you think you will come. Please note: due to the Corona measures our office is closed. You can only pick up the keys. Please ring the doorbell and the housing manager will let you in.

Do not accept keys from the previous tenant, unless you have been chosen for the room by your co-tenants.

Extra keys

You can order extra keys, at the discretion of the housing manager. You should bring your tenancy agreement and proof of identity with you when you apply for extra keys. You do not have to pay a deposit. If you do not return the extra key(s) when your contract ends, we will charge € 25 per key. Have you paid a deposit for an extra key in the past? Then you will of course get this back when you return the key(s).

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