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Tips for subletting

  • Put any agreements concerning use of furniture on paper.
  • If possible, agree jointly on the condition of the items and draw up an inventory list. This will avoid disagreements later.
  • You are entitled to require the subtenant to provide a guarantee in the form (a maximum of) one month’s basic rent.
  • Pay your rent by direct debit.
  • Do you receive a rent subsidy? You should deduct this amount from the rent you charge the subtenant.
  • The service charges, which are part of your total living costs, are paid in advance. They will be settled annually based on actual costs. You should make an agreement about this with your subtenant.
  • Do you live in a self-contained room? You should make an agreement on the payment of municipal levies and charges imposed by the municipality of Wageningen. These one-time charges must be paid by the principal tenant, not by Idealis.

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