Idealis respects and protects your right to privacy. We process your personal data in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data, including the rules of the GDPR. The personal data we received from you when you registered will only be used to enable you to find suitable housing for you and to keep you digitally informed about topics concerning Idealis that might be of importance to you. Any other personal data you have supplied us with will also be handled with discretion. Your personal data shall never be given to a third party for commercial use. As a house seeker, you of course have certain rights concerning the way your personal data is used.

These are:

Right to inspection
You may always request the inspection of your personal data. Your request will be honoured within two weeks. You will receive information from us about:

  • all data processed
  • the source of the data
  • the purpose of the processing
  • third parties that process the data

Right of correction, supplement, removal and protection
You may ask us to supplement, delete or protect your personal data if it is not factually correct, not complete for the reason it is intended, not applicable or not in accordance with legal requirements. You will receive a response from us within two weeks.

Right of objection
You can file an objection to having your personal data processed on the grounds of protecting the justified interests of third parties. You must be able to demonstrate that there are special personal circumstances in that case. This does not automatically mean that the processing of your personal data must immediately be stopped. This will depend heavily on the reasons you provide. Your interests will be weighed against our interests.

Right of restriction
You can ask Idealis to restrict any type of processing of your personal data, except storage, if you have a valid reason for this. Your request will not automatically result in a restriction of the processing. That will depend largely on the reasons given. Your interests will be weighed against our interests and (legal) obligations.

Right of appeal
If you are not satisfied with the manner in which we manage your personal data, you can petition the courts.


Processing of data

Idealis collects information from house seekers and tenants in order to meet its objectives of renting rooms and homes. The data requested from house seekers is necessary for drawing up a tenancy agreement.

The data is processed in a secure, digital environment (supplied by Cegeka) using computerised systems (supplied by NCCW). These are not accessible to third parties and are adequately protected against nauthorised access from within or outside the organisation. Idealis gives Cegeka and NCCW access to personal data relating to the process of renting rooms and houses. This entails the following categories of personal data: name, address, town/city, email address and telephone number, financial data and details of appropriate allocations. According to the GDPR, Cegeka and the NCCW are considered the processor. In accordance with article 28 of the GDPR processing agreements have been concluded with these parties, which stipulate how this personal data may be used. A copy of this processor’s contract is available on request.


All copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to the content of this website, including texts, images or any other form of information, belong to Idealis. Information from the website may not be altered, copied, transported or distributed without prior written consent from Idealis.

Questions, suggestions and comments

Please direct all questions concerning privacy to Idealis via our standard telephone number or email address. Specific questions will be dealt with by our Privacy Officer. Idealis does not want to receive confidential information via its website, or information that is protected by copyright, or by some other means, by you or a third party. We will treat any type of information we receive, such as suggestions, ideas, etc., as non-confidential and free of intellectual property rights.

Mail sent by Idealis

Information sent by Idealis by email is solely intended for the addressee. Use of this information by parties other than the addressee is not permitted. Copying, publishing or distributing this information to third parties is not permitted. Idealis is not responsible for the accurate and complete conveyance of the information sent by email or the timely receipt of it. No rights of any kind may be derived from the information sent. As a tenant you are responsible for ensuring that the data (especially your email address) on My Idealis is and remains correct.