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Hi student,

Below you’ll find some extra information regarding your ROOM search.

Register at ROOM

As mentioned, you have to register at before the 15th of July 2023, for a subscription fee of € 35,00.

It is important to pay for your account. Otherwise your ROOM account will be deactivated. If you do not register at and do not inform us your ROOM account number, we cannot give you priority and you will have to find a room outside of Idealis.

If you have any questions concerning your registration please contact via phone +31 (0)85-2021013 or fill out their contact form.

If you already have an account at, then make sure that:

  • Your account is activated/paid for.
  • You use the same e-mail address on your ROOM account as the one you receive e-mails from Idealis, otherwise you can’t get priority.
  • Your mobile phone number is correctly registered with the proper country code.
  • A house number with your address is mandatory.
  • Lastly, please provide us with the registration number of as soon as you created an account by responding to the e-mail you’ve received from us.
Find your ROOM!

Idealis is the student housing corporation of Wageningen. From the 15th of July 2023 onwards we will mostly be publishing our furnished rooms on To get a room, you have to respond to the advertisements yourself! The longer you’ve been registered with ROOM, the higher your ranking will be on the waiting list. If you are the first candidate on the waiting list, you will receive an e-mail with instructions from To increase your chances, we recommend you also look at other housing opportunities. This priority doesn’t guarantee you find a room before the end date of your studies.

Be aware of the fact that there is a housing shortage at the moment, there are not enough rooms for everyone. We advise you to also look for other housing options! The priority does not guarantee that you will find a room before the start of the academic year.


It can take months before a student finds their first room. Because you are a first year student living further from campus than 130 kilometers, you will be provided with a priority status on your account. This priority goes into effect on the 15th of July 2023 and will last until15th of September 2023. This priority is a one-time offer you will not be receiving it again and it will expire as soon as you sign a contract with Idealis. It is in this time period that we will also be publishing the available rooms that should be of interest to you.

How do I know if my Priority status is active?

From the 15th of July 2023 your priority status should be visible in your ROOM account.

If you log in to your ROOM account on and go to ‘My ROOM’ you will see your study details on the right side. If you scroll down completely, you will see your priority status. If you drop down the button ‘Urgency Education’, you will see the details like shown in the image below.

Please notice that your priority will only be visible in your ROOM account from the day it takes effect.

How does responding to work?

Read here for more information.

For what kinds of advertisements my priority does apply?

Your priority status is only effective for certain advertisements reserved for the summer influx. These advertisements can be recognized as follows:

click to enlarge

Good luck finding a room and if you succeed, have a great time in Wageningen!

Kind regards,


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