How does responding to ROOM.nl work?

The longer you are registered, the higher you will be placed in the ranking. The ranking is based on two things: first is priority and secondly on registration date (the date you created and activated your ROOM account). At the bottom of every advertisement, it will display how the waiting list is determined and whether priority rules apply or not. After an advertisement closes the room is offered to the person with position #1, assuming they do not already have another room offer. If they refuse or don’t respond in time, the offer goes to person in position #2 etc.

You can see what your position is for each room advertisement after logging in and going to “My responses”. The page of your responses is further subdivided in rooms that have an “ad online”, are “in process” and are in “history”. A room that is “in process” is a room that is currently still being offered to another student. These count as one of your 5 responses. Once someone accepts and finishes the registration for the room, the advertisement will move from “in process” to “history”.

You can have 5 responses open at the same time and you can be in first place for several of them. You can get a maximum of one offer at a time. As long as that offer is open you cannot receive any other offers. In the meantime, we offer other rooms, for which you were also on the list, to the next candidate. Check your ranking regularly and respond actively! If you are low on the waiting list for a specific room, remove your reaction and respond to another room. Are you offered a room? Then accept it, the offer is limited. Did you finish first on the rankinglist? Then you will receive an e-mail. Accept the offer via ROOM.nl. You will then receive an e-mail from Idealis for the further process.